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Apple Watch is the most talked Gadget of this year. And why not? It has everything you want, Actually more than everything what you seek from a watch. With a watch Apple has started a new category in gadgets. There are so many other watches available in the market of many different brands like Nike, Audi and Google but Apple has a remarkable features in compare to other brands. Apple definitely has the responsibility to be the best in this category but even the App Developers India and from all over the world have the same responsibility to serve the best Apps through the iWatch.

The best feature of iWatch is its concurrence as it will be always with you wherever you go. Truly at your fingertips. There is no hurdle between your desire to interact with and your capacity to do so. All you need to do is tap your finger tips on it and its ready at your service. Even if you don't tap it will give you necessary notifications by itself. These useful interactions can definitely make the iWatch your very own companion within no time.

There are many Apps inbuilt in iWatch and Apple has also allowed to develop third party App too. It allows to create your own To Do list everyday for different purpose or projects. After you assemble your activities of the day, all you need to do is just follow. You so many purposes to be on track whether its about your health or your financial management or a general companion of the day, all you need is this iWatch.

1) To Dos on iWatch Glance

iWatch Glance is a screen of this watch where you can see all your feeds and your personalized To Dos. From Glance you can manage everything which you need all day long. So Pulling up your activities on Glance is the easiest way to accomplish your daily Tasks. Two things will be always displayed on Glances. 1) Your To Do list and 2) How much tasks you have completed with a progress graph. Accomplishment of each activity doesn't go unrewarded: There are very cool animations come with every accomplishment and also when you check off items.

2) Quick Notifications

When you tap on a To Do list you will see all useful information including the title of your activity, notes related to that activity as well as the due date. These all information will give you the exact idea how you wanna proceed with the respective activity.

If you swipe down this screen to the bottom, you can also change the due date of that activity or dictate the notes attached to it.

3) Addition of To Dos

With help of Siri, You can quickly add another reminder or activity in the inbox. For that just press and hold the digital symbol or just say Hi Siri, please remind me for the today's meeting after lunch time. So this will be added to your inbox and from there you can process it later on.

If you want to process it or take an action on the same right away just tap the “+” button on the screen and it will be right away added to your To Do list.

There are many more features and Apps available in the iWatch which is just very useful to you and can make your life much more easier than now. App Developers India have many more door opened with the introduction of this amazing gadget. We look forward to create and develop some exceptionally great Apps for this watch. We can together bring the revolution with new apps through iWatch and make human life comfortable.

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