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04 Jul 2017 by : Harnil Oza
mobile call applications

The world of mobile applications is a dynamic and ever-evolving world. Telecommunications having evolved from the time of Graham Bells first telephone is speaking with the transition to holographic, practically free calls. In following with the developing trends, one of the latest features found in most mobile applications is the app call. The variety of app calls open to the public is staggering. Different mobile app developers India offer their version of calls from their apps, some ap[...]

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29 Oct 2016 by : Harnil Oza
mobile app development

It is not more complicated process for developing an app to any mobile app developer, but the difficulty for them is ‘perfection’. We can see, there are a large number of applications available on play store, by few of them could meet customers’ expectations or becomes popular. Small mistakes in mobile application development can make an extensive impact in performance or risk of loss of money. And after development, it may find hard to correct those. Here we share some[...]

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26 Oct 2016 by : Harnil Oza
mobile app development company

Mostly every mobile app development company claims itself to be the ‘best’ – however not all of them are capable of meeting their fantastic service promises. If you are on the hunt for strong app developers from India or anywhere, you need to consider the factors considered in this checklist. Mobile app development is a sub-domain in the tech area which has witnessed amazing rates of extension over the last couple of years global. Apart from game, music and entertainmen[...]

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24 Oct 2016 by : Harnil Oza
app developers india

Mobility has become the latest trend in the technology sector where mobile apps are transforming the equations & interactions of the work process in business. Mobile applications have gained acceptance because of its utility. Mobile applications are one of the biggest factors that contribute to the success of mobile devices. It has gained huge user attention and has become successful in quite shorter time period. But, due to lack of required information and skill, expertise, majority [...]

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21 Oct 2016 by : Harnil Oza
restaurant app development

At app developers India, we have used the research of mobile experts to come up with top five features for your restaurant’s mobile app and we have seen at how some restaurant brand which are using these features to enhance their business & drive clear value for the customer. A consumer-facing mobile app is not the just way to improve your business. You can buy in a holistic mobile solution, that lets you increase not just your sales but your restaurant side management of waite[...]

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03 Sep 2016 by : Harnil Oza

With the ongoing move towards the era of the smartphone, it has changed the way people behave and interact and has also headed business and industry with the new wave of digitization. Global sales of the smartphone are expected to uplift by 2 billion units at the end of 2016. Five years from now, right from teens to senior citizens, everyone will carry a smartphone and as the name suggest – It is going to get smarter than today. In addition, to be the location aware device, it is expect[...]

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09 Jun 2016 by : Harnil Oza
mobile app development

Many potential organizers back out even since starting a trial because they think they do not have sufficient money to invest. Launching any top app development company surely requires funding but no amount of money could support its success. If you have an excellent business idea, money is never a constraint and all you need is some smart business strategies to manage the available funds supply. With limited supplies, one might require to puts some extra effort and spend long stressful [...]

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06 Apr 2016 by : Harnil Oza

Every day, eCommerce is unzipping different possibilities and it is an ever-increasing sector.   Now, we could see the eCommerce result in every and each field and this credit goes to the new innovators. New upstarts are growing every day. eCommerce market changed the market completely, the result in significant countries by eCommerce is growing day by day.   so, an eCommerce market has completely changed the situation. Every day new additions in eCommerce take pla[...]

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29 Mar 2016 by : Harnil Oza

Presently, people are getting the advantages of Android’s popular version - Marshmallow, where they have not still considered all the features, and Google shocked the world with the inevitable release of the Beta program of Android N. Though, there might be some iterations going to get the place before official announcement.             Although Google has not still published the name but to provide contentment to the u[...]

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22 Mar 2016 by : Harnil Oza

When you think of developing location-based Android app development, does it make you think about how to do effective location tracking in the app which does not hinder battery of device no matter who you are, Android Developers India or whatever, the manager who is making a concept?   Location tracking in your app can be performed these ways depending on the app’s requirement.   1) Request one shot area of device wherever required   2) Timer [...]

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