4 Mobile App Practices: Transforming Healthcare Business At Next Level!

03 2016-Sep by : Harnil Oza

With the ongoing move towards the era of the smartphone, it has changed the way people behave and interact and has also headed business and industry with the new wave of digitization. Global sales of the smartphone are expected to uplift by 2 billion units at the end of 2016. Five years from now, right from teens to senior citizens, everyone will carry a smartphone and as the name suggest – It is going to get smarter than today. In addition, to be the location aware device, it is expected to be situationally and contextual aware in the near future. This is the channel how it will represent all the information as and when required and will revolutionize the way patients get intact with the digital health system. The new techno capabilities along with explosive growth in the healthcare sector will revolutionize the way people interact with the digital system.

Let's deep dive, how users will interact with the healthcare system and how information would be represented to them.

Practice 1 : Improved Access to Care

The digital healthcare era eliminates the need of doctor and patient to be location oriented. Patients that suffers from the persistent disease and located in the rural area having very limited access to the doctors, will be able to visit the primary physicians in the nearby location. Instead of government or insurance companies that instruct patient to visit in person which may be sometimes unnecessary, let patient and physicians decide when they need to visit and when the healthcare remedies can be delivered virtually.

Practice 2: Improved Patient Engagement

Many factors of healthcare make low patient engagement like – huge lines, complexity, opaqueness of cost and quality. Some of this is not needed at all. Why does accessing healthcare need to be a punctual wait in the physician’s clinic? This can be easily notified via text message or notification. Moreover, apps remove complexity. Making use of medical reminder or any other relevant application can let you know your tablet schedule, maintain your prescription and other related information that engages the user with the healthcare without any hassle.

Practice 3: New Business Module Provider

The outburst of inbound data from sensors & devices will bring newer opportunities for healthcare professionals. Today's business module and healthcare services are ill-adapted to the system that faces the constant rush of patient's data. The need to manage such data sets have set new benchmarks to create companies that solely focus on such data management.

Practice 4: Reduced Medicare Fund

Medical apps will allow medicare to co-ordinate claims data along with location, and time data from the healthcare apps to look out for fraud. Imagine that you visit a pharmacy – one of the most routine locations for medicare fake – scan your medicare card & conduct your purchase digitally. An app would allow medicare to instantly track that transaction history. Hotspots of activity could be identified and investigated in real-time rather than a couple of months after which the money is transferred to criminal's bank account.

To Conclude

Digital healthcare will prove to be the great help for doctors and patient in future. Hope that this information shared by top app development company will help you to think about more innovative healthcare application development. We have the best app developers from India to make your app dream come true. Contact us for your app development with us.


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