5 Questions to Ask Before Developing a Mobile App

24 2015-Jul by : Harnil Oza

Everyone knows the importance of a Mobile App in this tech era. Major corporate Industries, small businesses and App Development Company India are identifying the need to have a mobile app. Both small and big businesses engaging their business strategies with the respective mobile apps. Having a mobile app for your business is surely a smart move to increase the revenue of a company. Your business will be more accessible to the customers and users. So if you are planning to have a mobile app for your business, there will never be a better time than now.


There are five questions you should ask before getting into having mobile app for your business.



1) Should my App be Outsourced?

Creating an In House App requires much more command and direction over a project. If you are developing an In House App than it gives you the chance to put your own input in a better way and gives you more hands on approach and all of which are extremely beneficial and useful to a marketer. On the other hand the downside of having an In House App can be more time taking and sometimes more expensive than we planned. Generally, In house Mobile developers' teams are more expensive than the out sourced ones.

Businesses who choose to get their Mobile Apps outsourced and let go some hands on the input will surely save money, stress of creating an App and the most important Time. So if you are ready to give up on some control over the App, Outsourcing is the way to go.


2) Which device should I choose to develop my App?

Over 70% of Americans presently own smart phones that too mostly iPhones. These number is going to increase day by day undoubtedly. This is definitely the tricky question for your business as the market of phones, tablets and other devices from different platform is booming so deciding on which will be the platform for your own Mobile app is tough.

But to make it easy you can do some R & D such as what kind of business you have, what type of consumers or users you are targeting, the region in which you are going to launch your app etc., should be taken in to consideration. For example if you are targeting the Asian market than Android would be your choice and If you are targeting affluent people than Apple should be your first choice. And Tablets are another devices you should consider apart from the smartphones.

3) What should my App do?

There are many ways to approach your targeted audience by providing exactly what they want. But the purpose of your app should be solving their basic issues by your app depending on your business. Your core offering should be the one which is unique and helpful. Other things you can consider is the design and the fun part of your app. Only a tedious & informative app won't be helpful. So overall your app's content, design, graphics, user friendliness, features, functionality and the technology used in it will attract the audience and increase the traffic at your app. App Development Companies is one of the best mobile app company where you can find everything best.


4) How do I attract users through the design?

Once everything is planned and decided, you must focus on the designing part. It is the most important part for your app as far as user friendliness and attractiveness of an App. For design you should consider the functionality, overall look, aesthetics and more. If your app is not eye catchy, no one would open it an keep it in their smartphones for a longer period of time. According to a survey an Average smartphone user download around 20 to 25 Apps and you must stand out among them. Users won't settle down anything less than the proper elegance, perfect streamline and simplicity while using the same.


5) Is my business capable of handling Traffic?

Creating an App will extract tons of new users and customers, and you are required to be prepared for the new business. Make sure that your websites and other contents related to your business are updated. Once you are done with uploading your app, you don't won't come out with your old websites and other programs. After getting thousands of users for your app, your customer services/satisfaction should be the best. Maintenance of users is very important tough than attract them for your new app.



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