8 Essential ingredients to build a successful Android App

08 2015-Jun by : Harnil Oza

We can undoubtedly say that Android OS has transformed the Smartphone market as well as Tablet segment since it came into market of Mobile Apps. Android gave the privilege to common man to enjoy the affordable and appealing smartphones. Since it came into existence every class of people could use and adore the latest mobile devices. Today just because of the Android Development, many companies are into mobile app development as it has taken huge leap in the apps programming.

But there is an irony of this Android App Development and that is there are thousands of companies who is building Apps on Android Platform and that is why very few apps can enjoy the taste of success and hold the position in the Google store. So when the app build by you doesn't reach to top, there can be a point to think how to hold the top position with the help of Android App Development. So basically to make your app more powerful, likable and successful the following 8 components or we can say ingredients can help you to get through it.

1) A unique & creative idea:

The key to a great and successful App is the unique and creative idea behind it. Do not take risk of launching an App which is very similar to the competitors' App and which has not much of use in the market because that kind of app will fizzle out in few days or months. So your idea of app should be different from others and should be enough attractive in terms of look, feature & functionality, utility and technologies used in it.

2) Programming core by experts:

Once your great idea for your App is finalized put your best resources on work. Deploying the experts and latest software tools you have at your hand will make your app more finished and professional. If you are planning to give your app in any inexperienced personnel, it may ruin the whole idea so think twice before that. Before releasing any app, make sure that you test all the possible scenarios to avoid failure.

3) Free version of App:

Never build any app to make money from every possible ways. If you are launching a new App than there will be very less chances that people are going to purchase your premium or paid App. Around 90% of the users buy the premium Apps only after they had used the free trials of the same App. So it is important to launch a trial version first not having all features but some convincing features and functionality which attract the user.

4) Maintain Uniformity:

When you build and launch apps make sure that you maintain the uniformity in terms of the performance of the App on each and every devices available in the market for Android. Well Yes, this is quite difficult to do but to make difference from your competitors, consistency and stability of the performance of your App will play the major part. You can hold the users by giving apps with finest performance.

5) Focus on the targeted audience:

You can not underestimate the power of narrowing down the focused market for your mobile app. Rather creating an app that serves multiple purpose of the users, try to serve some specific purposes. “Everything for everyone will leave all unserved” Make your design which is specific for your targeted audience which will make them feel attentive.

6) Don't go for complex one:

Try to create an App which is very simple to use. Add some complex features only if it is necessary to expand an App's functionality but the user experience should not be complex. The extra features should be there just to give your users deeper experience otherwise users would not dig into extra functionality until they need it. So keep it simple, clean and minimal.

7) Choosing the correct platform:

Choosing a correct platform really depends upon the market share that OS have at that moment. Whether you choose native or modern platforms like HTML 5, the cross platform consistency and compatibility is very important for your App. The OS market is quite shattered and it is wise to be present in all leading OS App stores like iOS, Android and Windows.

8) Branding and Marketing:

An appealing name, catchy tagline and attractive icon are very important to make a bang arrival in the numerous app stores available today. An impactful marketing campaign can decide the future of your app so branding and marketing before and after you launch your app is very essential.

So after having a meaningful walk through the ingredients of having a successful Android App, App Developers India presume that it will surely help you to come up with a bang Android App. We make the best Android Apps having all the component together. Feel free to contact us for many successful Apps of all time.


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