Everything you should Know about the newest android version & its features:"Android N" Much better

29 2016-Mar by : Harnil Oza

Presently, people are getting the advantages of Android’s popular version - Marshmallow, where they have not still considered all the features, and Google shocked the world with the inevitable release of the Beta program of Android N.

Though, there might be some iterations going to get the place before official announcement.







Although Google has not still published the name but to provide contentment to the users, Google announced: Developer Preview of Android N with an innovative feature.


Here are the best features noted by us, that would be the great strokes of Android N.



Multiple-window function:





Android N offers a multitasking feature for your smartphone.


In this feature, a user can operate on two applications together. Although Samsung and LG users now experienced this inbuilt multitasking method, it is only a unique experience for the entire Android app development India.




Return by notifications:







From now onwards, users can answer to messages or emails in the notifications which appear at the height of the screen.


Google is trying to create it simple for Android users to return back and featuring it not only for the messaging application but for Hangouts, WhatsApp and emails as well.



Advanced doze mode:






Doze mode is already combined with Marshmallow. Though allowing this feature, the smartphone runs into a long standby mode to save the battery juice for a longer run.


Google is using a cut above with the Android N, in which doze mode has been updated from the earlier version.


It will not only work when the device is smooth for a long time, but also when the light of devices is switched off this advanced mode will get working and provide some additional dose to the battery of your phone.




Notifications grouped together:



This particular characteristic reduces the difficulty of keeping one signal from the equal application with multiple notifications.


In Android N, notifications will be filed together if they are from the equal application.



Compatible with Java 8:






It is like the red cherry on the cake for Android developers, as Android N apps will support Java 8. Developers can create incredible Android applications by including Java 8 features for this latest version.




The quick setting is much more important:





The Quick setting menu appears into the show at the top of notification tone is going much fast because toggles of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flight Mode are just a swipe away from your fingers.


Best update is that all the button are tiny as when you swipe downwards, it will leave room for notifications to increase.


There are more choices in fast settings under notification shade like Hotspot,Night Mode and Flashlight can become active by swiping different sign.




Advanced setting application:







If a user requires to jumps to other menu choices in setting app, then this upgrade appear with a different hamburger list at the top left corner of your screen to go and work other menu options.


In this update, new data saver option is there in setting application, which decreases the data using over the apps that are working in the background of your OS.


Our app developers india of android started working on the Android N show version and combining all the updates into mobile apps. 


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