Explore Some of the finest practices to be trailed for Mobile application Testing

02 2016-Mar by : Harnil Oza

Currently, users have choice to download over more than two million mobile apps available in app stores. So no wonder every user becomes demanding while downloading the app. Meanwhile, each user also wishes for the application to run smoothly and work cleverly That is the reason why mobile app developer needs to confirm that the app developed condensed the users in both short and long run by carting smoother user experience. However, every organization needs to surmount several challenges to launch a serene mobile app. The QA professionals must take into considerations certain best practices to make the application absolute by overpowering all these challenges.



1) Carry Out Formal Testing Strategy



A formal testing strategy will help you out to airline and boost up the whole mobile testing process. It will precisely outline the guidelines to be trailed by testing Experts. Also, the formal strategy will guide way to embellish test coverage, and add sameness to diverse testing efforts.


2)Perform Testing Early and Frequently





The agile development methods play on embodiment of mobile application development and testing efforts. When the errors or defects in the app is been spotlighted in the later phases of development, you need to endow Extra time and cost to get the bugs & faults fixed. In extension to starting testing from the stepping stage of development, you also need to carry out tests in various phases, and appraise test results of each cycle.


3) Adaption of Real Device






Nowadays people often use emulators to speed up their mobile app testing but they should not forget that these tools are only helpful in the initial stages of their development not at the later parts.So only adaption of real devices should be taken into consideration that results into understanding of User interaction with UI and how it appears on devices.


4) Conducting Manual Testing






Though developers can conserve their time and costing along with automated testing but manual testing has its own space that cannot be replaced. Once you get the idea about the look & feel of the app with manual testing and can also identify the bug if exist . Manual testing can change the developer perceptions or you can say the vision for app Interaction with user.


5) Device Specific & OS




Instead of testing mobile on a particular platform and on single operating system one should check mobile app on various device and OS to get an idea whether the app is device & OS specific or can be executed on various platforms. While making testing strategy one must outline the specific device & OS information that becomes easier for QA to conduct testing ahead.


6) Battery consumption




The volume of battery utilized by the running app effects directly on the user- Experience with the application developed. One should remember to check out the battery used by the app and examine the app to develop it extra battery friendly.


7) Make your application Global



Your mobile app can be utilized by people inhabiting in different parts of the country. One should keep into mind that the app can be accessed by all the people without having the barrier of the language what it means to say that the app should support multilingual language and currency without any hurdles and should be available to the user in their native language connected with all the social media platforms.



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