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21 2016-Oct by : Harnil Oza
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At app developers India, we have used the research of mobile experts to come up with top five features for your restaurant’s mobile app and we have seen at how some restaurant brand which are using these features to enhance their business & drive clear value for the customer.

A consumer-facing mobile app is not the just way to improve your business. You can buy in a holistic mobile solution, that lets you increase not just your sales but your restaurant side management of waiters, table reservation, OS, payroll and much more.

1) Mobile Loyalty Programme:

On average, the cost of acquiring the new customer is more costly than the cost of keeping one. So why one of the first core features that a restaurant brand should have in their mobile app is a loyalty program. Mobile loyalty on the other hand totally removes the failure problem of lost cards and simulation. Every customer's login information is different and if a client fails or changes their phone they simply log in to the app and all their information is stored.

2) Online and In-app Ordering:

Online and in-app ordering not just improves the performance and efficiency of your purchase cycle but also makes the lives of your clients much simpler. The benefit of being able to order & pay ahead for your purchase will lead customers to pick your restaurant over opponents who don't offer this stress-free experience. It can also direct to customers growing their use by allowing them the convenience, time to make a group purchase with security.

3) Location Based Services: Geofencing & Beacons:

We have discussed how you can use your mobile app for the purchase cycle and then make it more convenient for your clients to buy your product or service in-store, online or before they come. But how do you use your mobile app to join with clients outside of that purchase cycle & deliver relevant information or proposals to them? The majority of location-based technologies like geofencing and beacons give brands the ability to engage with their customers well before they come in-store.

4) Mobile Payments:

If you don’t have mobile payments integration into your restaurant app then you are missing out on a lot of possible revenue. It will also increase the selection of your loyalty program, accelerate checkout times in-store & increase the average spend of your consumer base. It is no surprise that over the last year, more and more well-known restaurant brands are preferring mobile payments as one of the core features of their mobile app and are reaping the advantages.

5) Social Media Integration:

Social media integration has become a permanent feature for every app out there. It helps to attract new customers. To integrate social rewards into your mobile app enables you to reward consumers with offers, competition records, loyalty points or even money for sharing their, in-store experience on social media.

Whether you are restaurant owner looking to improve your business, customer loyalty, and retention or you are an entrepreneur investing in your next venture of an online food business. Its all depending on the range of your business and your requirements, your app can be both consumer facing and business facing. If you are looking to have both then your app can be a comprehensive solution for handling day to day management of your business or customers. Contact us for further information.


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