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15 Mar 2016 by : Harnil Oza

Mobile app development has become an essential method for the success of any business today.In a short time, applications have entered about all associated industry like entertainment, education, health, business, finance, communication, travel, art and many more   Over 25 percent of the global Smartphone market share is taken by Apple’s iPhone devices. On November 2014, Apple moved 1 billion or more phones in business.   So is iPhone App Development Pr[...]

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02 Mar 2016 by : Harnil Oza

Currently, users have choice to download over more than two million mobile apps available in app stores. So no wonder every user becomes demanding while downloading the app. Meanwhile, each user also wishes for the application to run smoothly and work cleverly That is the reason why mobile app developer needs to confirm that the app developed condensed the users in both short and long run by carting smoother user experience. However, every organization needs to surmount several challenges to [...]

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23 Feb 2016 by : Harnil Oza

SpringInvaders is a latest jailbreak tweak for broken iPhones that just published recently which fascinates App Developers India.   It is very clear that the game takes its motivation from Space attackers, the excellent arcade title. rather of getting out visitors, though, gamers are tasked with killing down enemy ships that change out to be revised versions of the app icons installed on your iPhone.     Your personal ship is removed from side to sid[...]

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07 Aug 2015 by : Harnil Oza

Technology has been playing an important role in everybody’s life. The computers, laptops, mobile phone or mobile devices, tablets and other electronic devices are no longer considered an accessory now, but a necessity or a “must have” that can help people with their daily task or work in the office, school or even at home. There are many apps with different applications and functions that can help facilitate and speed up works on different fields or areas of concerns. S[...]

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24 Jul 2015 by : Harnil Oza

Everyone knows the importance of a Mobile App in this tech era. Major corporate Industries, small businesses and App Development Company India are identifying the need to have a mobile app. Both small and big businesses engaging their business strategies with the respective mobile apps. Having a mobile app for your business is surely a smart move to increase the revenue of a company. Your business will be more accessible to the customers and users. So if you are planning to have a mobile app [...]

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17 Jul 2015 by : Harnil Oza

The app economy is now a byword of all the people from all walks of life. It has even caused a great stir when people have realized that when we talked about the economy, the app economy is the biggest compared to Hollywood. While some people were surprised, some people who have wide knowledge about technology would agree right then and there. They are aware that the technology sector is the biggest when it comes to the economy. The app economy is also a fast growing economy. It has surpassed[...]

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08 Jul 2015 by : Harnil Oza

Technology has made everybody’s life easier. It has made possible the creation and development of enterprise mobility.  Enterprise mobility is a change in working habits where employees can work even if he does not  report to the office. They use their mobile devices and the cloud services to carry on with their tasks.                                             &n[...]

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08 Jun 2015 by : Harnil Oza

We can undoubtedly say that Android OS has transformed the Smartphone market as well as Tablet segment since it came into market of Mobile Apps. Android gave the privilege to common man to enjoy the affordable and appealing smartphones. Since it came into existence every class of people could use and adore the latest mobile devices. Today just because of the Android Development, many companies are into mobile app development as it has taken huge leap in the apps programming. But there is[...]

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04 Jun 2015 by : Harnil Oza

We can undoubtedly say that Responsive Web Designs are very important in today's world. Smartphones and tablets have adapted a new approach towards technology and user experience. The adoption of new Hi-Tech mobile devices changed the way of designing for App Developers. Before the expansion of mobile devices with the advanced web browsing ability, web designers had only one major challenge to keep the only one and same look for their websites. As old times, interaction through websites o[...]

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30 May 2015 by : Harnil Oza

One of the most common quandary in this world of App development is the question of how an App Developer can be effective in providing the client's and customer's requirements with available resources and dealing with all the limitations.     So what should you focus while developing any App? The answer is very straight and simple. "What is in our hand and what goes beyond your control while making any App". People think that there are basically th[...]

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