Some Mobile App Development Mistakes Which You Should Overcome

29 2016-Oct by : Harnil Oza
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It is not more complicated process for developing an app to any mobile app developer, but the difficulty for them is ‘perfection’. We can see, there are a large number of applications available on play store, by few of them could meet customers’ expectations or becomes popular. Small mistakes in mobile application development can make an extensive impact in performance or risk of loss of money. And after development, it may find hard to correct those.

Here we share some app mistakes which generally app developers face, know how to overcome it.

User-Experience has Given a Secondary Value:

We should not forget that we are making an app for users & user-experience is the best factor in app development. This is known for everyone, but, so many app developers from India need to have enough attention towards it. You must ensure it by user recognition testing various times to check how it works. It will give you a fair understanding of user-experience and also the communication between your app and user.

Excessive Use of App Functions:

Sometimes, it may happen that there would be a use of functions and features with focusing only on business return. In some cases, you may get a good number of downloads, but all you can see is no-one is using it for a long time. You have to keep track an app and keep simple functions in order to have great performance for pointed users.

Lack in Clarification of Device, OS:

To give proposal with only having an overview can make trouble for future. If you are considering the development of android alone, given prize judgment accordingly & later on you recognize client wants it on both Android and iOS platforms. At that time, you can not ask for extra charges, as it was your mistake. So you should clear with all the minor things related to development & cost at starting phase of discussion of the project.

Lack of Backup Plan:

Just consider your app has been launched in the market, the condition of happening post-launch defects, cracks may occur. You should have an agreement ready for some incidences, that the bug is really not your fault , it required action can be taken for it.

Do Proper Testing:

When it comes to an app testing which you developed, then the point appears that demands detailed testing. The beta testers are the professional testers who perform the testing process in a deep way, knowing all the possible mistakes in the app. If you will also test your app prior, before it goes to the tester, then you will avoid the later possibilities of facing errors that are identified by the tester. This will help you to develop an error free application that will give the best result on the market.

If you could give a strong awareness towards all these points in mobile app development, then surely you will have the power added output for your application. Contact us for your dream app, we have skilled app developers from India.


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