The best ways to perform effective location tracking in Android apps

22 2016-Mar by : Harnil Oza

When you think of developing location-based Android app development, does it make you think about how to do effective location tracking in the app which does not hinder battery of device no matter who you are, Android Developers India or whatever, the manager who is making a concept?


Location tracking in your app can be performed these ways depending on the app’s requirement.


1) Request one shot area of device wherever required


2) Timer or service based way for constant location tracking


3) Geo-fence based way for constant location tracking







Lets Know in detail:



1) Request one shot area of device wherever required:

If an app requires a request for device’s current location on the screen say any API needs lat-long as input or want to use lat-long natively to present some info about popular location of a screen, map screen and many more. An app can request location manager to make the current location of the device in the same activity class.


As long as the location is applied of that particular screen and application does not require constant location tracking in background or view, this way could best set to the condition.


Not using constant tracking protects battery used by an app.


Best suited when the location is required in a particular or some screen.









2) Timer or service based way for constant location tracking:



If an application demands constant location tracking in the foreground as great as the background, you can write your own service to track location on the suitable interval.

In such an implementation, service begins hearing to location updates for some time interval and set off all the updates for some time.






Use of private service for location tracking gives capabilities to track location in the background as well.


Desired precision can be reached if timer interval is decided respectively.


The Location is the most current and is updated when it is actually being used anytime anywhere in an app.


Battery optimization can be obtained of some area if timer intervals are selected carefully.







3) Geo-fence based way for constant location tracking:



Google Play Services has created it simple to monitor geo-location area of certain space which is called Geo-fence.

Same geo-fence concept can not only be used for controlling enter-exit effects of made geofence but also, it can be applied for effective location tracking.


When an application requires constant location tracking both in background and view rather of writing private service to monitor location updates, you can build small geofence of any range say 300 meters, again this range depends on your app’s condition.


This process app does not require to have tracking device’s location all the time using a background service. Rather once geofence is designed Google Play service will take care of location tracking to and except the user does not exit geofence.







No requirement of writing private service for constant location tracking. 


Excellent battery optimization as opposed to timer or service based way.


So these were some of the things you need to know about android Location-tracking apps. Still you have any Queries? Don't worry Contact us for your solution ..!


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