The five advantages of Responsive Web Designs!

04 2015-Jun by : Harnil Oza

We can undoubtedly say that Responsive Web Designs are very important in today's world. Smartphones and tablets have adapted a new approach towards technology and user experience. The adoption of new Hi-Tech mobile devices changed the way of designing for App Developers. Before the expansion of mobile devices with the advanced web browsing ability, web designers had only one major challenge to keep the only one and same look for their websites. As old times, interaction through websites on desktops computer monitors is not the same in this new era on tablets and smartphones. There are some obvious factors such as, touch versus click, different screen size, pixel resolution, increased markup, support for Adobe's flash technology and much more have become important while designing responsive Apps.

Mobile friendly website is becoming very crucial if SEO is the main tool of your digital marketing strategy. Mobile device sales have thrown the desktop sales almost out of the market even Mobile internet sales are predicted to be on the top in few months. So it is sensible that Web developers start focusing on the high resolution responsive websites.


Before we have a look on the advantages of Responsive Web Designs,

Let's know what is Responsive Web designs?

Responsive Web Design is an approach of putting up and coding the wesite in such a way that the website provide the maximum viewing experience. This maximum viewing experience means the ease of reading, scrolling, navigating over the all devices available in the market which includes desktops to all mobile devices. It is called the adjustments of screen layouts, images, other Audio/Video stuffs and texts according to the screen size of any devices or computer.

Now, having the understanding on the Responsive Web Design, let's check out it's advantages.


Advantages of Responsive Web Designs:


1) Superb flexibility:

Responsive Web design sites are effortless, that means the content is free flowing across all the screen resolution and devices according to the screen size. Both the frameworks and the images are flawless. The content gets fit into the allotted space so perfectly that viewers enjoys reading and seeing the stuff on your website. The appearance of your website achieves the same result on each and every device screen.


2) World class user experience:


The content and the design of any website is the major attraction for the users but that is completely depend upon the how it appears in front of their eyes. It is the user experience that allow viewers to capture and consume the content on their device preferences anytime. So Responsive Web Design provides the highest and the best user experience irrespective of the type of the device. Whether its computer or laptop or and other mobile devices, the best user experience will definitely increase traffic at your website anytime and any where.


3) Cost Effective:

The significance of having a single site that fulfills all the needs of your user is anytime better than having separate websites for different devices. It is obviously less time consuming and money saving idea but also gives the advantage to your users to maintain only one web addresses for your site. Not having a Responsive Web Design can divert your loyal users to competitor's website. Even from the SEO perspective it is beneficial that all your visitors directed to your single website no matter which device they prefer to use.


4) Google recommendation:


With the maximum search market share, when Google talks, search marketers pays attention. Google suggests the Responsive Web Designs because they have only one URL and the same HTML, despite of devices, which becomes more efficient for Google to crawl, index and maintain the content. Compare this with separate mobile sites, which has different URLs, and dissimilar HTML, which gives Google the hard time to crawl and organize multiple versions of the same site. So having a single Responsive Web Design can give your users advantage of stay in touch, share and connect easily.


5) It is effortless to Manage:


Having a different desktop and mobile site demands separate SEO campaigns. It is obvious that managing one site and one SEO is far trouble free than managing two. This is undoubtedly a key advantage of Responsive Web Design according the SEO perspective. Boosting for keywords for your mobile specific SEO strategy is much easier when you have one Responsive Web Design.


Hopefully, above profitable reasons are motivating enough and simple understand to take decision for your website design. App Developers India provides the best Responsive Web Design for all the platforms. Don't hesitate to contact us for free quotes for your website.



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