The must have features every mobile app should have to be at the top in the market

08 2015-May by : Harnil Oza

Mobile Apps are the series of exceptionally diverse products. They simplify so many work, they can do so many different things at a time for so many age groups. So just a simple term “Apps” can do bunch of various complicated task in no time. They can take care of your confidential data, can entertain you with so many fun games, can connect you with your loved ones and also help you to grow your business. And the only thing which links them is the screen they appear on. The market of Apps is just booming and so many App Developers India and from around the world have this golden opportunity to show their true skills. 

For brand makers and marketers, mobile app is the similar to new website. As websites progressed from being digital marketing assurance to interactive tech hub. Rather converting your website into a simple mobile App, people are now into developing creative and unique smart phone apps. Mobile App is now becoming a cash machine for the manufacturer. But some apps literally make your business look worse so to prevent this we have some must have features for any mobile App of your business.

1) Engage your audience:

Its very important to engage your targeted audience through your mobile App and how would you do that is completely depends on your audience and what do they expect from the app. Every app should have some kind of reasons and motivation to come back to your app evidently. This is know as engagement loop, which the most important thing in any app. It can be done by putting some reward or progress bar in your app that will encourage your audience to come back to your app.

2) Go with gamification feature:

Adding points or reward at certain intervals in any game can be very appealing and inspiring. Players or users will love to experience the winner and looser games. This gamification feature is not only for game apps but in modern times, developers are using it in non-game apps too. For example, now a days any fitness app uses progress bar to show their health progress and also add some kind of reward after completion of any task. So to satisfy users just go with gamification.

3) Push Notification:

Previously we saw how gamification can help you but not all app can take that route to be on top. For example no security app can reward their users with the points for creating a strong password. So for these kind of Apps, a feature o push notification can help you out. For security app, a push message can be displayed for virus detected site or data, unverified log in details of their own accounts and so on. Similar can be used for other apps by providing notification about discounts on sale, or their friends' recent activities, score and weather updates etc.,

4) Add feedback system:

Its is very important yet difficult to make your users give you feedback or suggestions. Whether its just a button to press or a link to follow. But it is always advisable to put a feature to take feedbacks from your users. They would appreciate looking at your openness to receive suggestion from their users.

5) Fresh Data feeding everyday:

Another usual way to keep your users stick to your App is to serve them fresh and new data everyday. People get bored seeing typical same news so user generated fresh and new data of their selected sites or their friends will help you to be on top of your users list. This is the same process cycle which is used by different social media now a days. You login your app to see what your friends are doing/seeing/liking/feeling, what is going on in the world, likes/favorites/tweets will show you how popular your own update is. you only open the app when you know you are gonna find something new everyday.

6) Make it semi or fully customized:

Make sure that your App is fully or at least semi customized. Because people like changes rather than a rigid, boring app. The more customized settings you will provide, the more people are gonna like it and use it more. For Example changes in colors, fonts, privacy settings etc., So always make your app be adjusted according to your user's tastes and preferences.

7) Give preference to speed:

The speed of any App is surely very important in this faster and busier life. I f you app will take so much time to load than people are gonna lose their patience and don't use it for longer time. So make sure your app has enough speed to use it and enjoy it thoroughly.

So if you will keep the above must have features for you app, we are sure that you are gonna achieve your goals you have set for your mobile apps and will surely give you maximum return on your investments.  At AppDevelopersIndia Company we develop apps across all mobile platforms feel free to contact us today to know more about us and Hire our App Developers India.


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