The new Light phone “an anti smartphone” is our future?

22 2015-May by : Harnil Oza

We call our cell phone “a smart phone” for many reasons. They are capable enough to assist us not to just make phone calls but check our emails, Internet browsing and much much more. They have been just our companions and a part of our daily life. But to keep it simple, “Very Simple”, the new light phones ditches all the things that a smart phone can do. It is a real Anti smart phone.

Forget scanning friend's profile through facebook, wooing on Snapchat; the Light phone will permit you to make and receive phone calls only, not even sending or receiving text messages. So the question is what does it do? Nothing. And that is the only concept of the creators. The people are really very obsessed with the technology and machines so to bring our some freshness and peace, this is the new way to go “Anti Smartphone”.

Why would anybody buy this phone which has No feature in it at all? Well the makers of this phone, Joe Jollier and Kaiwei Tang, believes that omitting the feature and Apps that this new phones have, the holder of the Light phone won't be obsessed with checking his phone after two minutes and enjoy his/her life instead.


Keep it Small and Simple:



As per it's usage, concept and simplicity, the Light phone is fabulously tiny and simple. A real credit card sized (3.4 inches*2.0 inches), slim phone with dot LED display which lights up so that you can see the numbers in dark. Yes there is obviously no question of high resolution display. Did we mention that it lasts for 20 days on a charge? Well, yes. The very significant advantage of this Light phone. With the help of an App, you can connect your Light phone with your smartphone and can forward the calls to it. You just have to put a SIM card in it and it is ready to use.


The creators said that “This phone is a result of the best usage of the existing technology. We are not creating any new technology through this” So we can say that it is the invention and not a discovery. No the question will arise that are we going back? Or Can this Light phone take place of our smartphone?. The answer is real straight and its “NO”. The Light phone is a real good invention but it definitely can not take place of the 21st century's smartphones and even that is not the purpose. But it can definitely be a handy emergency phone. You can carry it when you are out just to enjoy a quality time with your loved ones.


So to keep the humans first and the tech next to it, a concept of “your phone away from phone” has arrived. Though this won't stop neither Apple or Android stop building new Apps to make human life more easier than ever nor AppDevelopersIndia to create more and more Apps for their users and clients. What you can do is to manage between the Light phone and your Smartphone to enjoy both the “Life” and the “Technology”. You can contact us for any useful information regarding Apps of platform. 


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