Things Android Wear smartwatches can do that the Apple Watch can't!

16 2015-May by : Harnil Oza

There is one battle coming up, A tech battle I would say, between Android wear and Apple iWatch which is worthy of your attention. This fight is heating up now a days where with the visibility of iWatch on users wrists. Each product has its own strength and weaknesses so as Android wear and iWatch have. If you deeply study iWatch that it is surely a product of the year but if you are an Android user than Android wear is also making a lot of senses though neither is accordant to one another. There was also a rumor that Google is working on an Android wear app for iOS but it is not yet confirmed.

Android has recently launched a new Android wear 5.1.1 version which is clearly giving tough competition to iWatch. Apple has to do some real hard work to match up with the latest version of Android. So here are some fantastic features that Android wear can do it flawlessly but iWatch can't.

1. Customized watch faces:

Google is very flexible in terms of the faces or we can say the whole look of the dial from very starting. It had allowed the designers to design as many attractive face as they can make. On the other hand, if we talk about Apple Watch, they have only 11 watch faces which seems very rigid and not at all custom free. And even if it can be customized, it will take much of your time so we can say it is rather complicated than user friendly. You have to download some widget to make it customized.

Without official permission no third party can design and sell the digital watch face for iWatch. A real disappointment indeed! So one point goes to Google wear for this fantastic feature of designer watch faces.

2. Always-on mode App

Generally in any smart watch if you want to see the time, you have to lift your arm up in an overemphasized manner. Over all this fine if you are walking down the street or out with friends but its clearly irritating whan you are just sitting or half asleep or typing something.

Keeping these things in mind many Android watches had included feature called “Always-on mode” which changes the screen of the smartwatch into a low-power state so that both the purpose can be solved. One is you can always see time without raise your arm and second is you can conserve the battery even if it remains on 24*7. This feature is specially in the latest version Android wear 5.1.1 so if your Android wear doesn't have this feature than you have wait for the update.

3. Works over any Wifi Network:

The biggest drawback of any smartwatch is its battery life but besides that another major flaw is that the smarwatches are just the companion of your phone, meaning it doesn't work fully individually as yet. It always has to be connected with the bluetooth in order to work. Your smartwatch will stop getting notifications if you leave your smartphone somewhere else due to connection error.

Well, new Android wear can be connected with any WiFi, unlike the Apple iWatch. The latest version of Android wear will give you notification even your phone is not in range. That means if you leave your phone at home and you are just with your smartwatch at your office, your watch won't leave you behind. It will work exactly as you want.

4. Hand drawn emojis featute:

Apple iWatch do have unique emojis feature that is 3D animated emojis though some of the users find it creepy and a drawing messaging feature. So you can send an animated doodle to your friends in no time.

On the other hand Android 5.1.1, is giving you a privileged feature called “Hand-drawn emojis” where you can draw anything on your watch screen and it will automatically convert into a proper emojis. This feature is quite spot on too. It recognize everything even if you are not that good at drawing. (Even when you draw a cat which does't look like a cat at all :P).

5. Wrist gesture controls:

Controlling and operation a smartwatch is surely a two handed affair. You typically have to give a little jerk to your arm to get it displayed and use another hand to scroll or swipe. It is very irritating when your other hand is occupied. For example, if you are cooking than operating your precious smartwatch would be the last thing. :P

In Android wearable, they have this unique feature called “Wrist gesture controls”. You can scroll down and up without touching the screen with some hand tactics. Flicking your wrist up fast and slow back down and vice versa can allow you to operate them with single hand. It will be way easier when you know how to do it.

6. Pattern lock screen:

If we talk about lock screen security, Android has been always ahead of iOS. This pattern lock screen is way comfortable than the number passcode that Apple have it right now. So another plus point goest to Android 5.1.1


Bonus: Apart from above all the Android watch is economically better and you can get it from any retail stores unlike Apple watch.

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