Things Developers should know about the future of the app economy

17 2015-Jul by : Harnil Oza

The app economy is now a byword of all the people from all walks of life. It has even caused a great stir when people have realized that when we talked about the economy, the app economy is the biggest compared to Hollywood. While some people were surprised, some people who have wide knowledge about technology would agree right then and there. They are aware that the technology sector is the biggest when it comes to the economy. The app economy is also a fast growing economy. It has surpassed the sports and entertainment sectors.


Many people are talking about the app economy. Many people are also using the apps as an effective and efficient means of communication. People meet different kinds of people every day as they open the internet. They met people living across the globe who are also enjoying the new innovation that technology has offered.


When the app store was launched in 2007, the app industry has already made a milestone when we talked about its development. It is then unavoidable to think how the app developer industry would fare in 2015. Questions like what will the app developer offer us five years from now has been everybody’s concern.


The development of an app has been one of technology’s greatest gifts to everybody. With the onset of technology everything becomes technical and everybody uses different apps in their daily tasks. In spite of it all, people still need an app. Everybody and every company want to have more apps. Enterprise mobility is already used so that employees can still do their work even if they don’t go to their office.


While everybody is already having a great time using the different apps, the app developer should look into the future of the app economy.


Some of the things that they have to consider which might affect the apps industry are:

  • Globalization- Competition between the American App studios and the international studios will arise because the international studios will get into the local markets at a lesser rate per hour.

  • Cross-Device Development- the development of apps for cars, televisions and homes increased and becomes popular. Because of this the smartphone loses its popularity.

  • Developer Tools-the free application programming interfaces and software developer kits becomes popular.

  • Supply and Demand- the need for apps will not decline, but the studios will be pressured by the international and independent markets as the profit limits lessen.

  • Monetization- the capability of paid app downloads will be moderated by different business models which include the in-app purchases and subscription services.

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